My name is Sarah, I am 23 years-old and I lost my angel baby Riley James at 28 weeks gestation. After changing my whole life to become a mother only to have it taken away from me; I have found myself at a cross-roads in life. I have started this blog as an outlet to share my struggles of becoming a bereaved mother, to share my journey of starting over and to hopefully help other mothers of angels feel less alone through what feels like the loneliest time in life.

Since giving birth to Riley on March 7th 2018, I was surprised and saddened by the lack of awareness there is around stillbirth and miscarriage compared to the commonality of it. Like most women in my situation, I thought I was past the “scary stage” once I passed my 12 week scan, however, I was unaware (or more ignorant) to the fact that I could lose my child so late in my pregnancy.Β In Australia, six babies a day a born still, SIX. That is 12 parents a day finding themselves in one of the most isolating and heartbreaking situations in life.

I hope to help raise awareness for stillborn babies and make the subject less taboo. I hope parents and families can find the strength to realise that it’s okay to say their names, it’s okay to share stories of them and it’s okay to show photos of our children because they really are the most special angels to grace this earth.

Please follow my journey of finding my way as a mother to an angel and bringing awareness.